Hurdle One Done!

by katekbarber

cut paper

Yesterday marked the first big mile marker of my thesis….I finished making my paper. After six weeks of work (over 90 total hours) I have roughly 400 large sheets of paper. When I crunched the numbers, I figured that each sheet has about 14 minutes of total labor invested, and when you figure that each final book will likely consist of 4 sheets…that’s an hour of time I’ve already invested into each book, and I haven’t even started printing, cutting, and binding!

Cutting them down and printing on them is slightly daunting and exciting considering the upfront investment in paper making, but I decided to jump in. Since I haven’t figured out what I’m doing yet (more to come), I decided to start by cutting the deckle off two of the four sides to make the sheets square. This will allow me to cut the sheets to size more efficiently now that they are starting out square. Having this first cutting step done is a big hurdle. Just these two sides took nearly 5 hours. Cutting is one step of the book making process that never gets much attention but take a significant amount of time. It also happens to be one of my least favorite steps because it’s so permanent…I think they are still working on installing a control z feature on the board sheer.